About us

Welcome to Josh’s Chocolate and hello from me. I’m Josh, the founder and owner of Josh’s Chocolate, a business born out of a passion for chocolate and love of all outdoor pursuits. Two feel-good, simple life pleasures.

My childhood was spent on a farm in Cornwall where I spent much of my time playing out in the fresh air whilst my parents made (delicious) Cornish ice cream. It was this addition to our dairy-farm that ignited my sweet-tooth, and something that has stayed with me – as my wife Alexa will testify to!

Having left Cornwall to study and pursue a career in the food industry, I returned with Alexa in 2019 to start not only Josh’s Chocolate, but my family. My affinity for Cornwall was something I wanted to weave into my chocolate. For this, I turned to the very talented St Ives based illustrator, Joanne Barry, tasking her with producing a suite of gorgeous illustrations depicting the idyllic outdoor/Cornish lifestyle of which I am so fond. The results was beautiful and have been used as the packaging for my range of chocolate bars.

Josh’s Chocolate now offers a range of dark and milk chocolate bars, over eight of which are flavoured with thoughtfully considered inclusions, gigantic chocolate buttons, creamy hot chocolate spoons and egg-squisite Easter eggs. Premium chocolate, capturing cherished moments, handmade here in Cornwall.

My current factory is based in four repurposed shipping containers based alongside my childhood home, Callestick Farm. I have a dedicated, close-knit team making and packing in my ‘melt and mould’ operation, combining with additional flavour essences, caramel, fruit, nuts, and ginger inclusions.  My range consists of eight 100g bars, my famous gigantic chocolate buttons and hot chocolate stirring spoons. I am always looking to expand the Josh’s Chocolate flavour range so if you have any requests, do let me know!

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