Welcome to Josh’s Chocolate’s blog. Here you will find all my latest happenings, learn more about my delicious Cornish chocolate as well as new ways to take time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures such as taking a moment out of your busy life to savour the little things.

Brand New Button Boxes

I am excited to share with you all my brand new, carefully considered button boxes along with two tempting new festive flavours, Comfort and Joy and Glorious Gatherings, ready to share this season!

Following conversations and feedback with customers at every level, it was apparent there needed to be a re-think on the button packaging; bringing them in line with my beautifully illustrated bar range, improving the sustainability credentials whilst ‘premiumising’ the look and feel of the range.

Why Chocolate really is good for you

Yes, you heard correctly! Whilst it’s a line we have likely all been telling ourselves for a while now, I am pleased to confirm that there is an underlying truth to this tasty statement. Eating – and here’s the key – good quality chocolate in moderation, can deliver a number of health benefits as it contains a range of nutrients which each result in improved health conditions. Sound too good to be true? Read on to find out more…

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