How We Make It

How We Make Our Chocolate

Our tempting chocolate range includes both dark and milk chocolate bars, buttons and hot chocolate spoons. All products are smooth, luxuriously tasty and made with the finest ingredients.  

But how do we make it?

The process is a ‘melt and mould’ operation whereby we use premium quality, pre-refined chocolate, the same method adopted by most artisan producers. Whilst seemingly straightforward, it requires the addition of flavours before tempering, adding inclusions and then moulding into bars or buttons.  From here the bars are vibrated to remove any air bubbles and then refrigerated for at least one hour.   Before finally foiling, packing, boxing and distributing – phew!

What Inspired My Chocolate Flavours?

From the very beginning, I knew I wanted to offer something a little different, injecting a contemporary edge to time-honoured classics.  Orange and Almond is one of my favourites so this was first to the table! The idea of using Cornish Sea Salt comes from my affinity with the Cornish coast whilst using hard caramel pieces, my take on this firm favourite. I love walking and exploring our local woodlands which is where the idea for Blueberry and Hazelnut was formed and finally, adding some zingy peppermint to my smooth dark chocolate seemed like the perfect way to really make the dark chocolate pop.

I am always mulling over new ideas, chocolate tends to be such a personal thing so if there are any flavour ideas you would love to see, please do get in touch and share your inspiration!

Sustainably Sourced Ingredients

Like many, the environment and sustainable, ethical sourcing of ingredients is of utmost importance to Josh’s Chocolate and I have strived to use palm oil free and Rainforest Alliance approved products wherever possible. All my chocolate is certified by the latter whilst all my extra ingredients are sustainably sourced, even my salted caramel is made with certified sustainable palm oil.