If it’s good enough for Forbes…!

I am beyond thrilled to have seen my new Easter Egg range land a spot on the coveted Forbes’ List as one of their ‘13 of the Best Chocolate Easter Eggs’!

As a small business we all work extremely hard and I am so thankful to my team, without them this simply would not have been possible. I have wanted to produce Easter Eggs for several years now and decided 2024 was the right time to test the water, choosing three of my best selling flavours to begin with. I knew that packaging was also key and worked closely with a talented illustrator to create bright, colourful artwork that was befitting of Spring whilst complementing my existing range. And I think we nailed it!

Seeing my Easter Eggs in a press article along side high-end luxury brands such as The Dorchester and Pierre Marcolini has been incredible, take a read of the Forbes article here or order one of my eggs and decide for yourself!

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