Gigantic chocolate buttons from Josh's Chocolate

Brand New Button Boxes

I am excited to share with you all my brand new, carefully considered button boxes along with two tempting new festive flavours, Comfort and Joy and Glorious Gatherings, ready to share this season! 

Following conversations and feedback with customers at every level, it was apparent I needed a re-think on my button packaging; bringing them in line with my beautifully illustrated bar range, improving the sustainability credentials whilst ‘premiumising’ the look and feel of the range.

This has been a lengthy project, one on which we have spent considerable time to ensure we get right, placing the brand and range for future changes and development. As part of this project, I have reduced the all year round range from 5 to 4 – removing dark chocolate whilst introducing two seasonal specials – Dark Chocolate and Clementine (Comfort and Joy) as well as Milk Chocolate Espresso Martini (Glorious Gatherings) . Both available from now until Christmas and I plan to expand the range further in due course – welcoming any ideas as we endeavour to do so, drop us a line at any time with any suggestions!

The switch to this new fabulous packaging is now complete with the buttons available to buy individually, as a set or part of a bar and button collection. Combining gorgeous illustrations with inspiring names, each flavour depicts a cherished moment, from picnicking with outdoors to dining under the stars, partying around the Christmas tree or taking time to reconnect 1:1 with friends.

The inspiration for these names and scenes, as ever, draws from my love of being outdoors, surrounded by nature, accompanied by those closest to me. In a world which can be so busy, these moments become ever precious and I hope, in sharing them you may find the time to perhaps plan your next picnic, brave a wild swim with a friend, enjoy a star lit supper or take in a breathtaking sunset, with a box of my delicious buttons in hand of course!

I am delighted that the new flavours and boxes are now available to buy.  It was initiated on your feedback so I would love to hear your thoughts, I hope you love them as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

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