Festive Milk Bar Collection



Including our best-sellers, this milk chocolate bar collection contains 7 x 100g bars wrapped in beautifully illustrated, recyclable packaging.

7 x 100g of premium chocolate wrapped in foil and our iconic paper wrappers;

  • Weekends on the Water, Milk Chocolate with Cornish Sea Salt & Caramel Pieces.
  • A Cycle at Sunset, Orange Milk Chocolate with Roasted Almonds.
  • Ramble in the Woods, Milk Chocolate with Blueberry & Hazelnut.
  • Barefoot on the Beach, Simply Milk Chocolate.
  • Tip Toe Across the Tide, Dark Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt.
  • Stroll Along the Harbour, Milk Chocolate with Cranberry, Almond & Cinnamon.
  • A Warm Welcome, Milk Chocolate with Brandy Snap Pieces.

Allergen information; all products contain or may contain soy, milk, nuts, peanuts and gluten.

See individual items for ingredient and nutritional information.  Store in a cool dry place away from odours.

Additional information

Weight 700 g


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